Laminate Sheets

Laminate sheets are one of the easiest things that every person would love to install at their place. Gone are the days when people use to install wood or put plain cement to make the house attractive; these days, almost all the houses have laminate sheets. Apart from the beauty factor attached to it, it is very easy when it comes to cleaning. People today are too busy; during olden days, females use to stay back at home and take care of all the household chores but these days’ people are more concerned towards money and hence, both go to job and then they don’t have much time left out for cleaning so they look for easy and quick option.

How to install laminate sheets?
Laminate sheets should be installed in houses very carefully otherwise instead of adding looks to the house, it can make the house look bad and ugly. The person who is willing to install laminate sheets should follow a certain process and that is as follows: –

laminate sheets

1.Before installing the laminate sheets, any holes or uneven surface should be filled otherwise the sheet won’t stick to the surface thus, making the work even more complicated.

2.Once the uneven area is covered with cement, the cement should be allowed to dry completely if the cement is wet then the laminate sheets will peel off easily.

3.A layer of adhesive needs to be applied over the layer of dry cement and a layer of adhesive should be applied on the back side of the laminate sheets.

4.Then the adhesive should be allowed to dry completely. If the surface is even slightly wet then it should be allowed to dry because if laminate sheets are installed in wet condition then the whole sheet may peel off.

5.Once the layer is completely dry, the upper layer of the laminate sheets should be allowed to be peeled off; this should be done very slowly.

6.Then the laminate sheets should be stuck to the place where required and if bubbles are seen then that should be removed with the help of a roller pin to make it look beautiful.

Types of Laminate sheets
There are, basically, two types of laminate sheets available in the market and they are as follows: –

1.Dull laminate sheets are sheets that don’t have a shiny surface. These sheets are, basically, installed in places that don’t require much decor.

2.Glossy Laminate sheets are lustrous and polished. These sheets can be used if the person is using it to add luxurious look to the house. These sheets also add good ambience to the surrounding.

A person can choose any of the laminate sheets as per their convenience. Dull laminate sheets are good because they require low maintenance and dust and dirt doesn’t make this much dirty but glossy laminate sheets are good in places wherein guests will be coming as it adds a sophisticated look to the house but this requires a lot of cleanliness too.

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